Verizon Business bolstered its fixed wireless access (FWA) service with a portal for customers to view and manage their connections remotely, an attempt to gain an advantage over rivals including T-Mobile US and cable companies.

The cloud-based management portal provides performance monitoring and diagnostics across all types of routers, indicating connection status and signal strength.

It can also test data rates and conducts a Wi-Fi health check for performance management which includes historical data, improvement recommendations and suggestions on equipment upgrades.

The portal provides configuration management for customers with multiple Verizon Business internet lines, along with network management features spanning remote Wi-Fi password management, device rebooting, and enhanced view and management of devices connected to a network including IP addresses.

Verizon is offering the set-up for free to businesses using its FWA service.

Debika Bhattacharya, chief product officer for Verizon Business, said there is no installation or IT support needed.

Figures for Q1 show Verizon added 393,000 FWA customers, compared with 523,000 for T-Mobile.