After reviving BlackBerry smartphones, TCL Communication may be launching a Palm device later this year, Android Police reported, having acquired the rights to the brand in 2015.

In August 2017 the company confirmed it would launch Palm smartphones in 2018. Now it appears one such device, running on Android, is set to hit the market in the US in the second half of the year.

Palm, which initially produced PDAs, was one of the first companies to offer smartphones in the form of its Treo line. It was acquired by HP for $1.2 billion in 2010.

However, HP was unable to make a success of the business, and sold Palm’s influential webOS operating system to LG Electronics early in 2013.

TCL acquired the rights to use the Palm brand and said it planned to create a new Palm company based in Silicon Valley. Adding that it would like input from Palm’s fanbase, TCL said it could be “the largest scale crowd-sourced project ever seen in the industry”.

This is not the first time TCL has tried to revive a failed brand. It bought the rights to sell devices under the BlackBerry brand in 2016 and launched its first branded model, the KeyOne, in early 2017.

In addition to unveiling KeyOne Black Edition during the IFA2017 event in Berlin in September 2017, TCL also showcased the BlackBerry Motion smartphone at the Gitex event in Dubai and, earlier this year at CES, detailed plans to launch at least two new BlackBerry smartphones during 2018.

It also revealed its total smartphone shipments fell by almost 25 million year-on-year in 2017 to 43.9 million units, but provided no explanation for the decline.