Purchases of clean energy from wind and solar projects helped T-Mobile US meet an objective set in 2018 to offset 100 per cent of its electricity use with renewable energy by end-2021.

It entered into eight virtual power agreements, meaning it may not actually take delivery of the energy produced, but receives credit for its generation. T-Mobile also invested in projects which generate power for others.

The operator also sources much of the energy used to power its network from renewable sources.

T-Mobile stated it used roughly 6.9 million megawatt-hours of electricity in 2020 across offices, retail operations and mobile towers, with network equipment consuming the lion’s share.

Annual investments in wind and solar power now equal its electricity consumption, T-Mobile stated.

Energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems in data centres and at cell sites, along with LED lighting and smart thermostats in stores contribute to conservation of electricity, the operator stated.

Despite conservation efforts, electricity use is rising for T-Mobile, which pledged to invest in more renewable energy projects to offset future usage.

While T-Mobile is the first US operator to claim it matches all its electricity use with renewables, its rivals have their own environmental goals.

Verizon committed to sourcing or generating clean energy equivalent to 50 per cent of its total annual electricity consumption by 2025, while AT&T is working towards being carbon neutral by 2035.