Sony Group founded a research arm dedicated to developments around AI, sensing and so-called virtual spaces, citing potential internal and external benefits from the technology.

The electronics giant’s Sony Research division will be charged with developing what it defines as disruptive technologies designed to deliver services to third parties along with fuelling its goal to become more driven by AI and data.

Among the target external audience are the loosely-defined segment of “creators”, with Sony noting it wants to provide the tools for individuals to “maximise their creativity, the value of their IP and fan engagement”.

The research unit incorporates its AI division, which was founded in 2020, with the intent to broaden its scope.

Sony Research CEO Hiroaki Kitano, who is also senior executive VP and CTO of the group, said the areas focused on by the new division will “play a central role in expanding” its business in future.

The intent to form the unit was flagged by Sony in December 2022 as part of a wider AI strategy announcement where it also detailed plans to open a technology infrastructure centre to work on R&D projects across its varied business units.

As part of its research shake-up, Sony also plans to use its Technology Promotion and Deployment Division to export R&D findings it deems to have limited applications in its businesses to other organisations.