Nokia advanced its smart industry push as it announced the integration of new industrial edge applications developed by major IT players into its portfolio, a move it claimed will support IoT, AI analytics and cybersecurity.

In a statement, Nokia detailed additions to its industrial edge services include tools developed by Kyndryl’s customers Palo Alto and Litmus, which will provide the vendor with advanced security systems to prevent and monitor cyber threats and an edge data platform tailor-made for Industry 4.0 use cases.

On top of the two products, Nokia will deploy AI technology developed by IT company Atos to “improve quality and productivity in manufacturing environments” through real-time video analytics, along with edge computing and data streaming software by Crosser.

The new offerings are designed to support business clients connect, collect and analyse data securely when using its on-premises edge services, the vendor noted, adding the applications will promote better data integration.

The move builds on its existing collaboration with IBM spinoff Kyndryl as the pair aims to help industrial customers “achieve high-performance wireless connectivity in mission-critical environments.”

Stephan Litjens, VP of enterprise solutions at Nokia, said the integration of these applications into its offerings will “unlock operational technology data from their silos while maintaining data security and privacy, which asset-heavy, mission-critical environments require for digital transformation”.