Russian operator MegaFon launched a legal case to have European Union sanctions against it quashed, with the company making a number of legal claims questioning the validity of action imposed earlier this year.

News of the move was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, which lists new regulation and details legal cases brought against the economic block’s authorities.

MegaFon’s action was filed against the European Council (EC) last month and requests the EU’s General Court annul restrictions slapped on it in February, which were part of the ongoing response to Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

In that EC update, MegaFon was added to a lengthy list of entities and individuals carrying sanctions or trade restrictions. Several names on the list have been there since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

Among the operator’s grievances are accusations the EC failed to communicate the decision in advance and did not allow it to “submit observations” which it believes it had a legal right to in its defence.

It also claimed it had not been given reasons for the sanctions, which in its view are unlawful.

The operator is also carrying restrictions imposed by the US.

In the immediate aftermath of MegaFon being sanctioned by authorities in both the US and EU, Russian state news agency TASS reported comments from the operator vowing to challenge both decisions while simultaneously playing down the effect of them.

At the time, the company clarified telecommunications services including roaming would not be impacted by the moves, with the only area affected by EU restrictions being supply of so-called “dual-purpose equipment”.