Infrastructure vendor JMA Wireless announced plans to open a new manufacturing centre in New York state to produce what it claimed is the world’s first indoor mmWave 5G radio system.

The company said it will spend $25 million to renovate an old textile production facility. It added the move will create at least 100 new jobs spanning manufacturing, testing and production support.

In addition to manufacturing equipment, the new campus will house an integrated experience centre to showcase next generation use cases.

CEO John Mezzalingua said the company believes “US-based engineering will make a difference in the race to 5G”.

The move comes less than a year after the company acquired fellow domestic vendor Phazr in December 2018, in a bid to expand its 5G portfolio.

Its emphasis on US-based development and production comes as President Donald Trump presses companies to manufacture more of their goods in the country, and seeks home-grown alternatives to the current list of leading vendors.

In June, Ericsson also announced plans to build a manufacturing facility for 5G antenna systems in the US.