The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sought to revive a competition lawsuit against Qualcomm, asking a federal appeals court to rehear the case a month after it ruled in the chipmaker’s favour.

Reuters reported the FTC filed a motion with the court arguing a decision issued by three judges in August “cast doubt on fundamental matters” relating to competition and will encourage “monopolists to cloak anticompetitive practices beneath false invocations of patent law”. It requested the full 11-member appeals court review the case.

In its ruling last month, the appeals court determined the FTC failed to prove claims Qualcomm’s patent licensing practices violated competition law. Its decision reversed a lower court’s ruling in the regulator’s favour from May 2019.

Shortly after the later decision, a group of 21 companies including Intel, Mediatek, Ford and Daimler pressed the FTC to fight the ruling, claiming it would “endanger domestic competitiveness”.