Facebook began developing its own operating system (OS), as the company looks to reduce its dependence on third party providers such as Apple and Google, The Information reported.

Facebook VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth reportedly said the move will help guarantee the future has “space for us,” adding “we don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves”.

It is unclear which of the company’s hardware products could use the OS. But Facebook is known to be working on new augmented reality glasses, as well as updates to its Oculus virtual reality headset and Portal smart hub.

Mark Lucovsky, an alum of Google and Microsoft who helped create the latter’s Windows NT operating system, is leading the effort.

Bloomberg reported in April 2018 the company began putting together a team to design its own hardware chipsets. CNBC followed with a report in April 2019 that it had also undertaken development of its own voice assistant.

The company previously dipped its toes in the OS waters with Facebook Home, a custom user interface for Android devices released in 2013.