European Union (EU) representatives reiterated plans to bolster digital cooperation with Japan, highlighting efforts in the development of key technologies including advanced connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI).

In a statement summarising the EU-Japan summit yesterday (13 July), president of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen (pictured) highlighted close ties between the two could never be more vital at a time when the world is facing “unprecedented challenges”.

She referred to the supply chain disruptions caused by the covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine as wake-up calls, citing objectives to “reduce overreliance” on a handful of suppliers for critical raw materials and semiconductors.

Among other areas, the EU’s cooperation with Japan is expected to look closely into AI governance.

The EU statement also highlighted the progress made by the two sides since they entered into a digital partnership in May 2022. It counts 5G, 6G research, quantum technologies and cybersecurity among the key joint focuses in the agreement.

It also includes a collaboration to deploy a subsea cable which delivers “high capacity and secure connections” between the regions.