Ericsson’s latest ConsumerLab report found one in five 5G adopters are willing to pay a premium for a differentiated quality of service, highlighting another potential business case to help operators cash-in on the network technology.

In total, 20 per cent of 10,000 5G users surveyed for the report stated they would pay a premium price for a plan that guarantees improved connectivity tailored to their specific needs.

37,000 people were interviewed across 28 markets, a research scope reflecting the opinions of about 1.5 billion consumers, claimed the vendor.

Currently, the study found 13 per cent out of 105 CSPs in 30 markets are offering Quality-of-Service pricing plans.

These include China Unicom’s live streaming plan with uplink prioritisation, Ooredoo Kuwait’s premium offering which allows low-lag 5G mobile gaming, and a plan by 3 Hong Kong which allocates more network resources for stock trading apps.

Ericsson’s research further found a big factor behind switching providers is “predominantly network-related rather than pricing considerations”, with 17 per cent of 5G users having switched since the launch of the network for enhanced performance in key locations, including event venues and airports.

Among other key findings, Ericsson revealed consumer expectations of 5G have largely moved beyond coverage, as mature adopters of the technology prioritise video quality and upload speeds. Early users, however, still value 5G outdoor coverage.

Further, Ericsson identified India as market that will witness accelerated 5G adoption, citing high daily engagement with apps. 31 million users could upgrade to 5G smartphones by year-end, according to its forecast.