Verizon Business partnered with Volkswagen Group brand Audi to equip an automotive test track in Germany with a customised 5G network to aid development of smart vehicle technology.

The multi-core wireless network is being built to simulate communications and driving conditions from various global markets including Verizon’s US-based public network, local European networks and the roaming network of Audi’s MVNO partner in Asia-Pacific.

Audi and other Volkswagen brand have access to the track and network.

Verizon stated the track will be equipped with a modular LTE and 5G private wireless platform from Nokia, private MEC compute capability from Amazon Web Services and real-time video and data transfer tools from Smart Mobile Labs.

Applications to be tested include voice, video, safety, autonomous mobility, vehicle-to-cloud communication, OEM-customer interactions, and cellular vehicle-to-everything features and functionalities.

Petr Kozak, head of development for Infotainment, Connectivity, Data Management and AI for Audi, stated the operator was able to provide a complete offering “that will take time and cost out of the testing cycle and give us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace”.

The operator noted the private LTE and 5G network could be adapted to the developments of 3GPP standards over time.