Telefonica Tech introduced a suite of cybersecurity services to assist enterprise clients identify threats, with the solutions customisable to the size and risk profile of each customer. 

The operator’s technology arm noted the services will provide guidance and real-time intelligence spanning all levels of threat analysis, enabling clients to better prevent sophisticated cyberattacks. 

Tools are tailored to the different levels of maturity and risk profiles of enterprises, and will be split into tactical, operational and strategic intelligence services. 

It explained the tactical element will allow companies to detect and respond to threats in “an automated manner”, while operational intelligence provides details on the techniques attackers use to help organisations adapt to evolving attack patterns. 

The latter service will give companies an even more detailed analysis of cybersecurity including the threat landscape, emerging trends and impact. 

All services involve constant monitoring from Telefonica’s Spain and Colombia operation centres, led by experts from different fields including cyber analysts, criminologists and linguists to ensure “threats are identified and addressed in real time”, the company added. 

Director of services, innovation and partnerships at Telefonica Tech Alberto Sempere said the tools will help clients better understand the landscape of cyberattacks and prevent them in ways “not covered by traditional defensive solutions”.