South Korean operator KT revealed plans to discontinue its domestic telegram service in December, Yonhap News Agency reported, bringing to an end a function launched in 1885.

In its statement to the news agency, KT cited a drastic drop in use over the years caused by changes in the communications landscape, adding it was also registering rising losses.

The company has already discontinued its international version.

Prior to the founding of KT, the telegram service was provided by the country’s Ministry of Communication and the Korea Telecom Authority, Yonhap News Agency stated.

Telegrams were a common way of transmitting information prior to the widespread availability of modern communications networks, with data sent over a telegraph wire and then transcribed or printed out before being physically delivered to the recipient.

Many countries culled the service several years ago, including the UK (in 1982), France (2018) and India (2013), but some maintain it domestically with messages often being sold for special occasions.