Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor Group unveiled a collaboration focused on connecting in-vehicle and smart home platforms, citing the potential to easily control appliances and connected car systems remotely.

Under the deal the electronics player will expand its existing domestic SmartThings platform to support Hyundai and Kia branded connected cars including electric vehicles.

The home-to-car and car-to-home systems will be designed to connect domestic applications with in-vehicle infotainment systems to provide remote control in either direction.

Tasks able to be performed through the app will include starting the vehicle, opening and closing windows and activating air conditioning. While in the vehicle users will be able to control various appliances and perform energy management tasks.

Samsung claimed the combined platform could allow set routines to be programmed, for example when a morning alarm went off the curtains would open in the house and lights come on, before the car sets itself to an appropriate temperature ahead of a commute.

Samsung EVP Chanwoo Park said the collaboration would lead to integrated services “optimised for future lifestyles,” adding “we’ll be able to significantly enhance the customer experience in both the home and the car.”