Orange Business teamed with Tenaka, a Malaysia-based organisation focused on protecting marine ecosystems, to support the company’s work in restoring coral reefs through the use of technology.

In an announcement, Orange Business stated it will provide Tenaka access to fully automated datasets which enable real-time, AI-based data analysis. In effect, data and images will be delivered to scientists and allow them monitor coral reefs at any time, allowing more time for restoration work.

Orange Business stated the project is supported by a marine research station which deploys an “underwater monitoring device” with waterproof cameras that are attached to floating buoys capable of data transfers, noting it connects the station with 4G via SIM card. 

“This connection transfers images daily to a Microsoft Azure tenant managed by Orange Business,” it added. 

Images stored in the cloud will be analysed with AI algorithms that automatically recognise and quantify various species of fish, invertebrates and megafauna in the reefs. 

CEO International at Orange Business Kristof Symons said: “We wanted to be a part of an environmental challenge”, hailing Tenaka for its “inspiring initiative in preserving and rehabilitating coral ecosystems, and one where our technology and digital services can really make a difference to create a positive impact”.