LIVE FROM GSMA M360 APAC, SEOUL: KT CEO Kim Young-Shub (pictured) predicted the industry’s approach to developing 6G technology will differ from the past by focusing on the services first instead of the infrastructure.

The executive said KT believes 6G will be built around digital-services which maximise customer experience rather than an approach which readies the networks first.

Ahead of the event, he told Mobile World Live 9.2 million customers use 5G, consuming 3.4-times more data than in 2018.

He said KT plans to significantly expand investment to create “the world’s leading ICT initiatives to enhance our value to customers”.

In 2022, the operator earmarked $9.5 billion for digital initiatives over a five year period.

During the M360 event, Kim explained AI will form a key part of KT’s strategy, with the operator seeking collaborations with start-ups as part of a plan to shift its core business away from telecoms.

He explained operators must become digital pioneers, noting if “we fail to innovate on our own, we will be forced to change from outside”.

“Telcos globally must join hands across various sectors”.

They also require the right staff, Kim added, noting finding talented individuals who can understand and forecast future technology trends is critical to developing future services.