Brazilian operators Claro, TIM Brasil and Telefonica’s Vivo launched three network API services focused on improving digital security as part of the GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative, a move the trio claimed would be the first of an evolutionary roadmap.

The GSMA stated the Number Verify SIM Swap and Device Location API services are focused on combating digital fraud for mobile commerce and financial institutions.

By opening networks to developers worldwide, the association said the Brazilian mobile industry becomes a pioneer for the Open Gateway initiative and it is the first such move in the region supported by multiple operators.

The move was expected after Telefonica chief digital officer Chema Alonso revealed during Mobile World Live’s most recent Unwrapped online event that there were plans to launch operator APIs in Brazil this month.

Coming to the services, Number Verify offers verification of a user’s mobile number by providing “the next-generation of strong authentication and user experience”. It enables businesses to avoid relying on SMS to confirm a user’s identity and eliminates potential issues.

SIM Swap can be used to check whether a given phone number recently changed SIM cards, a feature aimed at preventing account takeover attacks by fraudsters and the theft of sensitive information.

Device Location allows organisations to confirm whether a certain device is in a certain location, to help spot and prevent fake transactions.

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Next year we will see more and more Brazilians benefit from the launch of these APIs, making them feel more at ease knowing their mobile services are more secure.

Mats Granryd, director general GSMA

The three APIs will be locally and globally federated, meaning that as well as Brazil’s 145 million customers, developers can also reach new users outside of the country as the initiative grows.

Paradigm shift
Mats Granryd, director general at the GSMA, said through the Open Gateway initiative, Brazil’s mobile operators are leading the way in tackling fraud and improving security.

GSMA Open Gateway launched in February and has been promoted as a paradigm shift in the way the global telecoms industry designs and brings to market new mobile apps, and immersive and digital services.

Nearly 40 operator groups worldwide are already part of the initiative.