KPN outlined plans to invest more than €4.5 billion into its networks as part of a new strategic plan covering the period to the end of 2026 which will also see the company put more focus on automation, AI and sustainability.

In a statement, CEO Joost Farwerck explained the Connect, Activate and Grow strategy builds on its previous Accelerate to Grow plan launched at the end of 2020.

The €4.5 billion investment will be made to help drive advancements in networks and digitalise the Netherlands, as the company pledged to “go all out” to connect everyone in the country to a sustainable future and create long-term value.

KPN aims to distribute €3.8 billion to shareholders over the next four years, “with a higher portion of that coming from dividends”, added Farwerck.

Other elements include broadening the scope of its Environmental, Social and Corporate approach by fully embedding initiatives around being a responsible, inclusive and sustainable operator.

Farwerck said it will also take steps to modernise its operating model, using the power of automation and AI to deliver an “exceptional” service experience and drive substantial savings in indirect costs.