LG Electronics announced final launch details and pricing for its dual-screen Wing device, with the company pushing the unusual form factor as making standard smartphones feel uncomfortable in the hand.

The company said the swivel-screen device would be available in South Korea tomorrow (6 October) and the US on 15 October as its first two markets.

On unveiling the specs of the handset last month, LG noted it would be initially sold in its home market alongside its key countries in Europe and North America.

In South Korea, LG Wing will be sold for KRW1,098,900 ($940) and available through its own retail outlets and from the country’s three mobile operators. In the US the device will be initially available from Verizon.

LG noted the device was being pitched at an “aggressive price,” making it the cheapest of the recent smartphones released featuring alternative form factors.

The manufacturer’s mobile marketing head Jae-Hyeok Shin added once people had used the device, “the existing smartphone becomes uncomfortable.”

The LG Wing is the first handset to come out of the company’s Explorer Project, a division charged with bringing devices to market with unusual form factors and user experiences.