Canadian operator Rogers Communications collaborated with R&D outfit CableLabs on next generation fixed and mobile projects, including plans to develop technology to deliver 5G using cable network infrastructure.

The CableLabs North project aims to improve data rates and capacity for mobile technology. Another focus area is developments around 10G broadband, a system expected to deliver speeds ten-times faster than those available today, with enhanced reliability and ultra-low latency.

Rogers will host the facility at an existing campus in Calgary, where it expects to “bring together global industry partners” to work on developments towards the enhanced connectivity technology.

The operator’s CTIO Ron McKenzie highlighted the project would be “on the forefront of innovation, bringing together the best and brightest minds from around the world to collaborate on the future of network technology”.

CableLabs previous work includes projects with a number of fixed and mobile players including Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and Vodafone Group. It claims to have developed technology and more than 800 patents aiding reliable and fast communication networks.