Nokia extended its industrial portfolio with five new applications intended to increase worker safety and improve asset tracking capabilities, innovations it claims supports enterprise digital transformation. 

In a statement, Nokia noted the offering includes a worker safety app featuring a communications platform for storing critical data to improve emergency response times.

Another app in the roster enables location-tracking for staff, targeting “lone worker requirements”. Users will be able to share location in case of emergency. The vendor believes the services address the need for prioritising safety with faster response times. 

The new product set also include three live-tracking apps covering a system that provides “highly accurate outdoor location tracking for machinery and people” by using satellite-based positioning, a navigation mobile app and a solution designed to track and identify the flow of assets. 

VP of enterprise campus edge solutions at Nokia Stephan Litjens said the products provide “greater efficiency, productivity and further enhance worker safety with preparedness, situational awareness and fast reaction during incidents”. 

Nokia’s other industrial offerings also include 5G handhelds launched in September 2023, tailored for use in high-risk industrial environments.