Orange Cash Joven – the mobile payments wallet aimed at teenagers – launched in Spain following its successful introduction in France.

The youth-focused platform allows parents to use their Orange Cash app to deposit funds into their children’s accounts. The money can then be spent through Orange Cash Joven. Parents are also able to track spending and get real-time updates.

The service was developed by Orange and German mobile payments company Wirecard, and launched in France in October 2016.

In a statement announcing its Spanish launch, the companies said the app would introduce a new generation to mobile payments, and tap into the market of 12-18 year olds who want to make purchases with smartphones but lack the ability to do so.

Orange head of innovation and new business Luis Santos said: “Looking at younger generations we can see the future of mobile payments. In cooperation with Wirecard, we aim to empower the development of digital financial solutions, while reaching out to younger target groups.”

“Today, nine out of 10 young people in Spain use a mobile device to connect to the internet on the go. No wonder teenagers would rather use their smartphones to shop in stores than use cash,” Wirecard head of sales telecommunication Philippe Laranjeiro added.

“By adding the Orange Cash Joven feature to the app, we have succeeded in addressing a younger target group in the field of mobile payments.”