Jumbo Taxi deployed technology from Hong Kong telecoms operator HKT to introduce free Wi-Fi service in its fleet of taxis and offer passengers the option of settling fares using the operator’s Tap & Go mobile payment service.

The Wi-Fi hotspots in the vehicles use HKT’s subsidiary CSL’s LTE-Advanced network. Using the Tap & Go mobile wallet, customers can scan a unique QR code in a taxi, then input the fare amount and confirm payment.

A connected car system comprising the Wi-Fi hotspots and a ZTE 4G onboard diagnostics (OBD) device was installed in 100 taxis and will be introduced across Jumbo Taxi’s entire fleet by the end of Q1. The OBD device tracks a taxi’s real-time location using GPS technology and assesses driver behaviour by analysing driving patterns with the aim of improving road safety, HKT said in a statement.

Jumbo Taxi, a venture between taxi operator Chow Kwok-keung and Future Motors, is a premium service targeting corporate clients and business travellers.

Hong Kong’s taxi operators, which generally don’t accept payment by credit card (much less by mobile) are facing competition from Uber, which is officially banned in the territory, but still operates in parts of the city. The taxi-booking platform reportedly contacted local taxi operators about partnering – something it explored in Singapore and Taiwan.