Samsung’s Pay Mini app will not be available for Apple users after being turned down for App Store acceptance, according to reports in South Korea.

The company’s Pay Mini app, which is not yet available on any platform, will provide a reduced functionality version of Samsung Pay. It will focus on processing online payments rather than being used to pay for goods through contactless payment terminals, but will likely be available on a wider range of devices than Samsung Pay.

Korean publication The Electronic Times reported that a Samsung representative explained the vendor plans to focus on marketing and providing the application to Android users in the wake of Apple’s rejection.

The representative didn’t reveal the reason for Apple’s refusal, but confirmed the company would not be reapplying for inclusion in the App Store.

Samsung is widely reported to have scheduled the app for launch in January, though it is unclear in which markets the service will be initially available. The company’s current Samsung Pay service is being gradually introduced on a country-by-country basis and is exclusive to select Galaxy and Gear devices.

There are a number of reasons Apple rejects apps for its App Store, with the majority being technical issues.

Information on the company’s developer website reveals the most common reasons for rejection are: crashes and bugs; broken links; incomplete content or information; inaccurate descriptions; misleading users; substandard user interface; problems related to the display of advertising; not enough original content; and ‘not enough lasting value’.