Veon launched a messaging app of the same name in Russia and Pakistan, its biggest markets, as well as Georgia and Ukraine, after introducing it to Italian customers earlier this year.

“At the heart of the new platform is an innovative take on communication and messaging, emphasising superior identity management, customer care and customised content and offers,” Veon said in a statement.

“With this release we are poised to lead the personal internet revolution, focused on bringing personalised, customised experiences to consumers,” it added.

The app, designed to compete with platforms including WhatsApp and Viber, lets users message contacts, make private and group calls, as well as share media and their location, while also being able to manage their mobile plan, check credit and top up.

Veon integrated data analytics and artificial intelligence into the platform so users can discover new content such as music and video.

The app is free for Veon customers and can be used even if users are out of credit.

Veon claims the app “is the first platform offering users access to such a comprehensive range of services in a single, standalone mobile environment.”

The operator said future plans include offering new services in conjunction with a growing number of partners, but it did not elaborate what these might be.

According to Reuters, deals will be around streaming music, ride hailing and financial services. Early partners include music streaming service Deezer and Mastercard.

The news agency added Veon’s app offers basic communication for free, but the company will take a cut of proceeds from the services it offers via partnerships.

Veon reported a net loss of $4 million in Q1 compared with a prior-year profit of $187 million, on revenue of $2.3 billion, up 13.1 per cent.