A Huawei unit was targeted by US authorities over national security concerns, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moving to restrict the company’s lab from certifying wireless devices for use in the country.

In a statement the FCC alleged Huawei’s test lab poses “a unique threat to the security and integrity of our nation’s communications networks and supply chains” and banned it from participating in its equipment authorisation programme.

The proposal, which requires approval by the full commission, aims to ensure telecoms certification bodies and test labs certifying wireless devices for the domestic market are not influenced by untrustworthy actors.

The move would permanently prohibit Huawei and other entities on an FCC list from playing any role in the programme.

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel stated the agency must ensure the programme can “rise to the challenge posed by persistent and ever-changing security and supply chain threats”.

Last week, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo argued numerous sanctions imposed on Huawei are working, highlighting the processor for its latest smartphone is years behind what is available in the US.