Mobile social gaming network PlayPhone further strengthened its position in Brazil by partnering with Vivo, the country’s biggest operator.

The PlayPhone Games HTML5 store will be available to Vivo’s 70 million customers, bringing PlayPhone’s global reach to 870 million mobile customers.

Customers will be able to discover, download and play a range of games with friends around the world via the store. The service includes a range of social and personalisation features and supports direct operator billing.

PlayPhone already works with Claro in Brazil and has similar agreements in place with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the US.

It recently extended its presence into Asia through a partnership with Singapore-based operator group SingTel which has operations in Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Australia.

“PlayPhone’s vision for building the world’s largest mobile social gaming network is rapidly materialising as we continue to bring more global carriers into the fold,” said Anders Evju, PlayPhone CMO.