Microsoft announced that the exclusive line of Windows Phone apps for its own smartphones will now come under its Lumia smartphone brand.

The apps for Microsoft smartphones will feature the Lumia name instead of Nokia, as the IT giant continues to integrate the Devices & Services business it acquired from the Finnish company earlier this year.

So, for example Nokia Camera is now known as Lumia Camera, with an updated version of the app due to be released for the Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon devices later this year.

Several apps have already been rebranded, including Lumia Creative Studio, Lumia Panorama, Lumia Storyteller and Lumia Cinemagraph.

A new beta version of Lumia Cinemagraph will be launched in January 2015, with features to enable users to share their animated creations with their social networks and store them on Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The company announced at the end of October that the smartphones produced by the division would be branded Microsoft Lumia in future.