Meta Platforms expanded measures to protect teenagers using its Oculus VR headsets and picture sharing app Instagram, the latest attempt by the company to position its services as safe for the over 13s.

In a statement, the Facebook parent and metaverse advocate highlighted various tools it believes will improve parental supervision of their child’s activities in the VR world and help manage time spent on its platforms.

Previously the company and rival social media platforms have been criticised for the abuse some have suffered from fellow users on its platforms.

The tools being added to Oculus were announced by in March but are only just being made available universally. They enable parents approve downloads of apps with age advisory restrictions, clear or deny in-VR purchases, block specific content, view friend lists and assess time spent in virtual worlds.

It noted the tools were designed with the over-13s in mind, with the headsets deemed by the company to be unsuitable for younger children.

Alongside the Oculus tools Meta Platforms revealed strengthened parental controls on Instagram. Some of the protections are already available to users in the US and are being expanded to the UK, Japan, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Canada, France and Germany “starting this month”.

Meta Platforms plans to add the functionalities globally by the end of the year.

Among the new features are the ability to set specific times during the day or week when access to Instagram is limited and greater visibility about any users or posts their teenager reports.