Meta Platforms outlined details on how it plans to comply with the European Union (EU) Digital Markets Act (DMA), which included offering Facebook and Instagram users several choices for how they manage their services.

In a blog, Meta Platforms stated Facebook and Instagram users in the EU, European Economic Area and Sweden would soon be given details of their options regarding sharing information between its services.

People using Facebook Messenger will be able to choose if they would rather have separate accounts for both services or a connected set-up.

Meta Platforms stated Instagram and Facebook users which already connected both accounts can choose to manage them separately.

There will also be options regarding disclosing details with Facebook gaming and shopping services.

Users choosing to employ their details “for the games they play on Facebook will have features like multiplayer games, in-game purchases and personalised game suggestions”.

Those opting not to disclose details will be able to access “some single-player games”.

Meta Platforms stated the choices are being offered to address the requirements of the DMA, which is due to come into force on 7 March.