Samsung is teaming up with The Weather Company and ride sharing company Lyft to provide users of the Made for Samsung app with a more personalised experienced.

The app will be synchronised with a user’s Google calendar to provide weather forecasts for events they are planning to attend and the option to book a Lyft ride to the occasion.

When a user clicks on the Lyft section they will be directed to the Lyft app (or the app store if the Lyft app is not installed) to book their ride.

Made for Samsung is a partnership framework with industry-leading brands and innovators designed to deliver an exclusive line of products to Samsung customers.

The Weather Company, one of the initial launch partners of the Made for Samsung programme, was originally owned by a consortium which sold its product and technology assets to IBM in January 2016, but retained possession of The Weather Channel network.

Just two weeks ago, Samsung said it was expanding its strategic alliance with The Weather Company to make it the default weather data provider on select Samsung devices, beginning with its flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

“We want to seamlessly connect multiple services to help our users efficiently navigate the elements, streamline travel activities and potentially save time and money by providing them with the right information at the right time during their day,” said Domenic Venuto, general manager of the consumer division at The Weather Company.

The Lyft integration feature is now accessible for app users within the US, while The Weather Channel for Samsung App is accessible globally within the Galaxy Apps store.

The Weather Company delivers up to 37 billion forecasts daily, and claims to have one of the world’s largest IoT data platforms.