Hackathon events in which developers make use of the capabilities of the joyn RCS platform and WebRTC are being held in Paris and Berlin in the coming weeks.

Backed by Orange Partner, Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden and Wireless Industry Partnership, the Paris to Berlin Hackathon will give developers 48 hours to create products that incorporate functionality via APIs.

The Paris event takes place on 27-29 September, with the Berlin event following on 18-20 October.

The GSMA-backed joyn platform allows developers to integrate network-enabled services into their apps, including group messaging, videos, pictures, music and files.

WebRTC gives web app developers the ability to write rich, real-time multimedia applications without the need for plugins, downloads or installs.

Potential services that could be created include chat windows for sales teams, face-to-face training, enterprise collaboration and multiplayer games.