Nearly a third of US teens ditched Facebook, but those sticking with the platform continue to use it regularly, research by Business Insider found.

In a survey of 1,884 people aged 13 years to 21 years-old, 30 per cent named Facebook when asked for details of a service they no longer use. This was followed by messaging app Kik (listed by 29.7 per cent of respondents), Skype (24.6 per cent), Twitter (21 per cent) and Instagram (20.3 per cent).

However, the study found a significant portion of respondents still check both Facebook and Instagram regularly. Nearly 65 per cent of participants said they use Instagram daily, while around 34 per cent said the same of Facebook.

YouTube (62.5 per cent) and Snap (51.3 per cent) also ranked among the most frequently used apps, and had lower rates of abandonment (around 9 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively).

Facebook’s dominance among social media apps appears to have waned in recent years, in the wake of multiple data breaches and questions about user privacy.

In 2015, 71 per cent of teens responding to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center said they used Facebook. By May 2018, the number dropped to 51 per cent as the app’s popularity was eclipsed by YouTube and Snapchat.