Facebook admitted an issue related to its SDK led to a number of iOS apps malfunctioning for hours, causing a wave of backlash from users and developers.

On the Facebook for Developers platform, the company’s developer support engineering manager Gary Fitzpatrick said the issue resulted in a “sudden spike” in app crashes lasting for more than eight hours. The issue struck on 10 July, with the company stating it “identified the issue quickly and resolved it”.

BBC News reported music streaming service Spotify, video set-up TikTok, dating service Tinder and navigation app Waze were among the apps impacted. It noted the bug was related to the apps’ feature allowing a login via a Facebook account.

The media outlet noted a similar problem related to Facebook’s SDK impacted usability of iOS apps in May.

A lot of users criticised Facebook for the snag, expressing discontent on Twitter, while numerous developers shared their concerns of the outage impact via posts on software development platform GitHub.