Facebook responded to speculation it was developing its own facial recognition software for its Messenger app, stating reports were inaccurate and it would instead use on-device systems to handle provision of security.

In a Twitter post, Facebook’s EMEA communications manager Alexandru Voica explained the company was not looking to develop a facial recognition system similar to Apple Face ID, claiming for “these types of privacy features, we would use the face ID-type settings already present on the device, not our own version”.

Voica’s comment came after tech blogger and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong stated on Twitter the company was developing a Face ID-style lock for Messenger, without the feature being transmitted to or stored by Facebook servers.

The post sparked debate on whether information from biometrics used to unlock the app would be stored on the user device or by Facebook.

Earlier this month BBC News said the European Commission was considering banning the use of facial recognition in public areas for five years.