App crash-rates are higher on Apple’s iOS 8 than previous iOS iterations from the Cupertino giant, according to analytics firm Crittercism.

Sampling data across users between 17 and 22 September, Crittercism found that app crash rates across all devices running iOS 8 landed at 3.56 per cent (or 78 per cent more than last year’s version).

On the same devices running iOS 7.1, apps crashed 2 per cent of the time (though that figure is up from 1.6 per cent in March).

The analytics firm, not surprisingly, found older devices were worse offenders than newer ones. On 22 September apps crashed 3.57 per cent of the time on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s  (Crittercism lumped the iPhone 4 into this group even though it doesn’t run iOS 8).

By contrast, iPhone 6 apps crashed 2.63 per cent of the time and iPhone 6 Plus apps crashed 2.11 per cent of the time.

Bloomberg reports that customers have taken to Apple’s App Store to complain. One user wrote that Facebook’s app — the way most of the social network’s members access its service — “constantly freezes and crashes.” Dropbox, a file-storage service, has released app updates to fix problems encountered with iOS 8.