The average price of apps for Apple’s iPad has risen by 14.5 percent to nearly US$5 in the last six months (April-October 2010) compared to only a 2.3 percent rise for the average price of iPhone apps to just over US$4 in the same period, according to the latest research from app store analytics company Distimo (see Table 1). The US market research also shows there is an even spread of pricing for iPad apps with only one in four featuring in the US$0-US$1 range whereas 45 percent of iPhone apps are in that low-end category (see Table 2). The proportion of apps carrying a price tag higher than US$3 is 38 percent for the iPad but only 24 percent for the iPhone.

Table 1 (Source: Distimo) 


Numerically, iPad apps now represent 7 percent of all apps in the App Store compared to an overwhelming 87 percent of iPhone-only apps. Seven percent of apps are capable of running on both devices. The number of applications in the App Store has increased to over 300,000 from under 200,000 six months ago. During this period, there were a total of 32,714 apps added for iPad, equivalent to 5,452 per month, and 73,309 apps added for the iPhone, equivalent to 12,218 per month. The Distimo research also points out that Angry Birds was the most popular paid app for the iPhone in September, while the HD version was the third most popular paid app among iPad users. 

Table 2 (Source: Distimo)