Amazon extended the use of its Coins virtual currency to all Android devices in the US, UK and Germany. Until now Amazon Coins could only be used on Amazon’s range of Kindle Fire tablets.

Users with Amazon Appstore installed on their Android device can now spend the virtual currency on apps, games and in-app purchases. Kindle Fire users will also see their Coins balance on any other Android devices they use.

Customers can save up to 10 per cent by using Coins while developers continue to receive a 70 per cent revenue share.

The virtual currency was initially launched in the US in May last year, followed by the UK and Germany in November. Amazon said hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins have been purchased for use on Kindle Fire tablets.

Extending Amazon Coins to all Android devices should mean that the benefits of the virtual currency to developers should increase.

In August last year, Amazon said almost half of developers who monetise their apps using Coins saw weekly revenue rise by more than 50 per cent after introduction of the virtual currency.

Coins have accounted for the majority of revenue for many indie developers, since the virtual currency was launched.