Amazon said the number of apps on its Appstore has tripled over the past year, while developers are seeing strong monetisation from their titles available on the store.

There are now more than 240,000 titles on the Appstore, which is available in almost 200 countries. Amazon claims developers are being increasingly drawn to distributing their Android apps on the Appstore, with the number of new developers joining the Appstore each month close to double that of a year ago.

Research commissioned by Amazon and conducted by IDC found that around 65 per cent of developers said total revenue on offer from the Kindle Fire tablet is the same or better than on other platforms.

Close to three-quarters (74 per cent) found that average revenue per app and user is the same as, or better, than other platforms.

In addition, 76 per cent of developers said the Kindle Fire platform enables them to connect with new market segments, something that is hard to find on other platforms, according to the study.

The Amazon Coins virtual currency has also proved successful, with hundreds of millions spent on apps, games and in-app purchases. Coins were made available in France, Spain and Italy in May, in addition to the US, UK and Germany last year.

Mike George, VP of Amazon Appstore, said the company is looking to build “more services and capabilities” for developers and Android-based APIs based on feedback.

Amazon has been making efforts to attract more developers to its platform in the past year, including the successful Appstore Developer Select app promotion programme launched in October.

Other efforts by Amazon to attract developers include a testing service for Android developers wanting to bring their app to the e-commerce giant’s Appstore and Kindle Fire tablet range, and the introduction of the GameCircle social platform and Whispersync backup technology for iOS.