Microsoft reportedly told China-based employees they will only be able to use Apple iPhones for work as part of new security measures, with all Android-powered devices to be replaced from September.

According to an internal memo seen by Bloomberg, Microsoft has ordered its China-based staff to start using Apple devices for identity verification when logging into the work computers and phones.

Employees using Android-powered handsets, including those made by Huawei and Xiaomi, will be provided with an iPhone 15.

The move highlights the fragmented Android ecosystem in China, where Google’s products including Play Store and relevant digital services are prohibited.

This led to local vendors developing their own Android platforms such as Xiaomi’s HyperOS and Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

In its memo, Microsoft reportedly stated it decided to block corporate access to Chinese platforms due to their lack of Google’s mobile services.

The order is also part of the company’s “Secure Future Initiative” which EVP Microsoft Security Charlie Bell previously claimed is designed to curb  “identity-focused espionage” and criminal operators targeting enterprises in response to a rise in cyberattacks.

Microsoft was subject to a hack which led to a breach of its corporate email systems and government data in January, with the company identifying Russia’s foreign intelligence as behind the move.