Facebook revealed plans to launch a slew of experimental apps as part of efforts to develop new user experiences.

The company expects many of the apps to fail, noting they will “change very rapidly and will be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people”.

It added the apps will be released by its New Product Experimentation team under the developer name NPE Team, for Facebook, in an effort to distinguish them from its main platforms.

In a statement, Facebook said the move will help it “develop new types of experiences for people” and determine whether certain features are “useful or engaging” for consumers. It added insights gleaned from the project may “inform our thinking and product strategy moving forward”.

The move comes a matter of days after Business Insider revealed research indicating interest in Facebook among younger users could be waning.

Facebook plans to release the first experimental apps in the coming weeks on App Store and Google Play, though geographic availability will vary depending on the app.