Facebook is reportedly working on developing augmented reality (AR) glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica, joining a number of rival companies looking to push the technology.

According to CNBC, the social media started working on the project a couple of years ago, but has not yet launched an actual product due to difficulties with the development.

As part of the ambitions, Facebook teamed with glasses brand Ray-Ban’s parent Luxottica, and a potential launch is touted for between 2023 – 2025.

Facebook’s AR glasses, code-named “Orion”, will be able to work without connecting to a smartphone or another device, added the report.

The device will have a camera for live streaming the surroundings and experiences a user has, as well as a small display to show information about objects.

Aside from Facebook, Apple was also reported to be developing its own digital glasses as a way to expand its product line. Meanwhile, Snap launched its third-generation of smart glasses, Spectacles 3, in August and Microsoft’s AR-powered headset HoloLens 2 will go on sale this month.