India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) mandated operators procure certain mobile gear from government-approved sources, with Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE unlikely to be considered due to national security concerns, Reuters reported.

Sources told the news service the government is considering adding the Chinese companies to an embargo list, though offered no detail on a plan to develop a list of “trusted sources” for network equipment. The new restriction goes into effect 15 June.

The country’s operators will likely ask the National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) to clarify what equipment from the vendors will be covered, The Economic Times wrote.

It added the Cellular Operators Association of India is expected to call for a meeting with NCSC and DoT representatives to discuss the issue.

Relations between the nations have deteriorated since June 2020 when India started banning Chinese apps due to concerns over security and privacy violations. This followed conflict between troops at the border of the Galwan region.

India’s government also looked at banning Chinese vendors from providing mobile infrastructure to state-owned operators.

India had long resisted pressure from the US to ban the use of Chinese 5G equipment, with operators arguing Huawei and ZTE offer less expensive and more advanced equipment.