Several Russian mobile operators could lose the right to use some 4G spectrum following a decision by an appeals court to restore a regional TV company’s rights, reports Reuters.

Frequencies freed up by a 2011 decision to withdraw broadcasting rights from TV broadcaster EROS were given to Scartel. However this decision has now been reversed by the Ninth Arbitration Appeals Court in Moscow.

Scartel confirmed the decision, which could also affect number-two operator MegaFon, as it has been using Scartel’s network to gain early entry into providing 4G services. Scartel said it plans to appeal the decision.

MTS and Rostelecom could also be potentially affected as they have been given the rights to use spectrum previously used by broadcasters. However, these companies have other frequencies they can use for 4G services.

Russia’s 4G licences were allocated last summer, with the majority in a different range to the frequencies affected by the court ruling.