The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) asked Reliance Communications not to roll out Facebook’s Free Basics until it submits more information about the zero-rating service to the regulator, according to the Economic Times.

Reliance is Facebook’s only operator partner for a nationwide expansion of Free Basics, a product of the initiative. The social media giant announced the rollout via Reliance at the end of November.

TRAI is pressing the operator to share terms and conditions for Free Basics, as it considers whether the service is in line with net neutrality regulation.

The regulator issued a consultation paper on differential data pricing, the concept that underpins zero-rated services including Free Basics, on 9 December. Interested parties have until 30 December to comment.

Having gathered industry feedback, the regulator will form its own view of whether Free Basics is acceptable within net neutrality rules.

Facebook has been encouraging its Indian users to send emails to the regulator in support of the service.