The plans of HMD – the company bringing Nokia-branded smartphones to market – were in the spotlight ahead of Mobile World Congress, including the possibility of a comeback for an old favourite.

The company already unveiled the China-focused Nokia 6, and has an event scheduled for Mobile World Congress later this month which will see it detailing its plans.

According to VentureBeat, Nokia 6 is set to see a wider release, alongside Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

As the names suggest, these are less well specified, with reduced screen sizes and resolutions, memory provisions and camera capabilities. This will translate to €50 price differences between the models, from €249 (Nokia 6) to €199 (Nokia 5) and €149 (Nokia 3).

Earlier reports said HMD applied for a trademark on the “N Series” brand, previously used by Nokia for (Symbian OS-powered) smartphones.

It was also suggested HMD is set to offer a new take on the Nokia 3310, a basic mobile phone renowned for its build quality and long battery life. VentureBeat mooted a price of €59 for this device.

What will be interesting to see is how such a handset would be positioned. At the time of its launch, Nokia 3310 was no less capable than other competing devices, but the world has moved on and the market for basic, entry-level phones (often in emerging markets) is already served by products such as Nokia 150.

With the Nokia 3310 having no legacy in emerging markets, but a strong nostalgia factor in markets where smartphones are now the norm, it is not entirely clear what role a new version would take (beyond the luddite and hipster audiences).