VIDEO INTERVIEW: Viktoria Erngard, VP of Telenor Financial Services and CEO of the operator group’s Valyou mobile payment service, told Mobile World Live that the operator is focused on generating traction for NFC services in 2015.

Paying with phones should be easier than existing payment methods, must be secure and must work all the time, said Erngard, who believes that using smartphones to make payments is the natural next step when it comes to what users want to be able to do with their devices.

She also said if there is a “good solid payment service as the base”, other services can be built around it.

The launch of Apple Pay has had a “good impact” in the industry and sparked interest from banks, merchants and customers, although she believes the many competing payment solutions for Android are too fragmented.

“We see fragmentation as a problem everyday but we are driving an initiative with the largest banks in Norway and have invited operators from the start, hoping we can have a have a joint force on this,” commented Erngard.

She also said the company wants to focus on mobile payments in developing markets.

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