Verizon added a mobile network-as-a-service (NaaS) trailer to a growing fleet of vehicle-based network systems, providing various types of connectivity and also serving as a testing platform.

The Mobile Onsite NaaS provides private network, edge, SD-WAN and satellite connectivity.

It is initially targeting utilities, software companies and public sector use cases.

The trailer features dual-core 4G and standalone 5G capabilities, with simultaneous transmission.

A representative said it is offering CBRS spectrum at first to provide “deployment flexibility”, but is working on adding more bands.

The trailer can also provide “mobile lab as-a-service”, part of Verizon Innovation Labs’ portfolio to boost access to testing capabilities.

Verizon has deployed the set-up at a Lockheed Martin aerospace campus to collect sensor data and video providing key performance indicators to assess network operations.

Srini Kalapala, SVP for technology and product development at Verizon, argued the trailer showed how combining 5G and edge computing could help customers address strategic priorities, while also highlighting the benefits of placing a private network on site.