Automaker Toyota selected Nokia to deploy a private LTE network to support a range of IoT-based devices at its manufacturing design division, with plans to upgrade to 5G.

In a statement, the vendor said it will work with local systems integrator NS Solutions to build an industrial-grade mobile network at Toyota Production Engineering’s site in Fukuoka, Japan.

The deployment covers the core network, base stations and a cloud-based operation monitoring system, along with Nokia’s LTE evolution technologies, marketed under the name 4.9G.

Donny Janssens, customer team head of enterprise at Nokia Japan, said its 5G-ready private network will enable Toyota to integrate next-generation manufacturing use-cases which “help accelerate its digital transformation and realise its future automotive IoT vision”.

NS Solutions is responsible for wireless area design, licence application support, system construction, and on-going maintenance and operation.

Nokia said the private network contract builds on existing relationships with Toyota Production Engineering and NS Solutions.